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Gym Clothing Mistakes That You Should Know

Wearing Ill-Fitted Clothing

Bigger sized clothes will not make you look bigger. On the contrary, they will make you look smaller. One of the most common gym clothing mistakes include ill-fitted clothing. Not only is it uncomfortable during workouts, but they also ruin your aesthetic appeal.

Fitted clothes give you more freedom of movement, keep you comfortable, and make you look good. Whether you wear men’s tank tops, t-shirts, shorts or track pants, always make sure they fit you well. Wearing clothes that fit you well will also allow you to show off your hard earned body.

Not Wearing Moisture Wicking Clothes

The best way to stay comfortable in the gym is by wearing moisture wicking clothes. Fabrics like cotton, while otherwise comfortable, can make you uneasy in the gym since they tend to absorb moisture. Workout clothes are generally made of polyester and Lycra blends that are designed to keep perspiration away from your body. Moisture wicking clothes last longer, dry faster, and keep you comfortable.

Wearing Too Much Cologne

Keep in mind that in a gym people work out close by to one another. Therefore, it is advisable to go easy on the perfume/deo/cologne. It is okay to spray a little on to smell fresh, but you needn’t marinate in it. The way to smell fresh always is to have proper hygiene. While it’s okay to smell like sweat at the gym, having proper hygiene and wearing clothes that are washed and clean will not make you stink, and will also prevent bacteria as a result of accumulated sweat.

Wearing Slippers

Flip-flops, sandals, or anything that belongs to the family of slippers is not gym appropriate footwear. In fact, your gym footwear should be entirely separate from the ones you wear everywhere else. Not only is regular footwear damaging to your feet when you do vigorous exercise in them, but they also carry in the dirt and dust from outside and make the gym unclean. And no, working out in socks is wrong too.

Invest in a pair or two of exercise or training shoes that you will wear solely at the gym. They provide support, comfort, and you wouldn’t be making a mess or looking stupid either.

Wearing Jewellery

The gym isn’t a party. People go there to exercise and get sweaty, not to show off their accessories. Therefore, leave your jewellery at home before heading to the gym.

Long necklaces can get tangled in the machine, rings can become scratched distorted and can bruise your fingers, and sweat can react with metals and cause allergies. Rings, bracelets, earrings may even fall off and get lost. Most importantly, jewellery makes a workout uncomfortable. Develop the habit of taking them off before you go for a workout.