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Plus Sizes Fashion Rules

Wear black color as it gives you a slimmer appearance

Black has always come up as the rescue color for full-figured ladies because it has the reputation of camouflaging the physical imperfections in a subtle manner. At the same time, chances are that you may end up looking like a Plain Jane unless your black dress is an extraordinary one. After all, who would notice even your full figure in a simple black dress, when there are women around sporting playful colors like red, pink, orange and green?

Shed your inhibitions and flaunt your figure in vibrant colored plus size boutique clothing in the latest designs.

Steer clear of horizontal stripes

When you buy such outfits, experts will definitely caution you to keep away from horizontal stripes, but this is another rule you can dare to flout. The reason is that these stripes are believed to add to the width of the wearer, but the bold ones would rather take the risk as they can look their exuberant best with these classy stripes. And the best part is that they can experiment with color combinations.

Ditch the cliche and boost your confidence as you try these amazing straight-stripe outfits.

Don’t forget your shapewear

Most full-figured women are scared of wearing their plus size boutique clothing without shape wear but there is absolute no harm in being able to breathe better and be more comfortable without the same. Unless you plan to wear something over the top, break the shape wear rule and breathe easy.

Try your slim-fitting dresses without shape wear and you may surely consider breaking the rule the next time.

Wear your clothes on the looser side

Wearing loose, perhaps oversized clothing is a fashion blunder which most women make and continue making to such an extent that it becomes a rule for them. But this is one habit she definitely must get out of as oversized and shapeless clothing can never make anyone look and even feel good.

Wear outfits that flaunt your curves rather than conceal them, but make sure that they do not cling.