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Tips to Buy Bags for Men

Determine the purpose

Before buying a bag, decide what you’re going to use it for. If you’ll be using your hands a lot, then a handheld bag, like the portfolio bag or the duffel bag, wouldn’t be the best option for you. Go for a messenger bag for men to keep your hands free. If the occasion is more casual, then a backpack would also serve your purpose. If your hands aren’t going to be busy, then any bag will work for you.

Choose something masculine

Colours and designs are the main difference between a man’s and a woman’s bag. If you don’t want to look like you’re carrying your wife’s purse, choose something masculine. Opt for muted shades like tan, olive, brown, or navy; not only are they sober but they also go with your suits and pants. Avoid anything that has tassels and accessories hanging from the zippers or straps. And most importantly, avoid bling at all costs. It is still solely a women’s territory, at least when it comes to bags.

Consider your personality and your favourite colours

If it’s your first time buying a bag and if you’re yet to get used to carrying it around, you might already be feeling pretty overwhelmed with all the different choices available. Do not try something bold and pick a bright red tote or a fancy patterned holdall. Think bag shopping like coat shopping. Would you go for hot pink or glitters or bold prints? You wouldn’t. In the same way, pick a bag in muted hues like navy, black, or brown and common fabrics like leather or canvas.

Don’t stuff your bag

Sure, bags are meant for carrying stuff. But stuffing the bags to full will not only make it bulky and uncomfortable to carry, but also make the seams and the fabric come apart with time. A bulky bag isn’t fashionable or comfortable, so if you must carry a bag, put only the most essential things in it and keep the rest away. This is especially true for men’s duffel bags, which are used for weekend trips.

Check the straps

Whether you’re carrying backpack for men or a weekender, the straps of the bag decide how comfortable it is. Look for both shoulder straps and hand straps, so that you can alternate the bag between your shoulders and hands. The straps should also be of comfortable materials, like leather or canvas, to avoid bring rough on your hands or scraping your shirts.